Interhall Energy

For the past 6 years, the students and staff of St Andrews have been doing their part to reduce the energy consumed in student accommodation via the Inter-Hall Energy Competition. The combined actions of 3,500 students really do make a big difference to our carbon footprint.

How does it work?
Each hall has a monthly target energy consumption. This is based on how much energy was used that month in previous years, adjusted to take account of any improvements that have been made to that hall (such as installing low energy lights, for instance). The hall that makes the most savings relative to their target that month wins £100 towards their hall committee funds. At the end of April, the monthly savings are totted up, and the hall that has made the greatest percentage overall savings wins £1000, with £250 to the second and £70 for third place.

You can also enter our photo competition on facebook to win some smashing individual prizes!

How do I help my hall win?

Your hall environment rep will be able to point out ways you can save energy and how you can make the most different in your particular hall. These general actions are always a good start:

  • Turn lights out when you leave the room (or if the sun comes out!)
  • Switch off electrial appliances when you have finished using them
  • Don’t over fill the kettle if you only want 1 drink
  • Put a jumper (or a suitably cool alternative!)
  • Turn radiators off if you open a window

How is my hall doing?

Results so far:

What if I live in a flat?

That’s great, you will get to keep all the savings you make, through lower bills. Have a look at the Energy Saving Trust website for some hints and tips. More help is at hand from our partners, St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN), who can pop round to your flat to carry our an energy audit (it’s free) and offer you tailored advice. Email them on


Energy use is a massive part of the solution to climate change but there are a lot more benefits that being energy efficient can bring you. Students can save moneykeep warmwin prizes and gain skills that you can add to your CV by getting involved in the energy work that Transition will be doing over the year.

See what the University is already doing about energy here.