Saint Exchange (LETS)

Saint Exchange is a Local currency based on a Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) allowing members of the St Andrews and surrounding community to trade in goods, skills & services, creating a local economy which is resilient to changes in the global financial markets.

LETS are being used all around the world as a system to create a local alternative to money for exchanging goods, skills & services locally. LETS is based on a circular economy, “wealth” generated from trading is kept right here in the community and distributed more evenly, compared to the current financial (linear) system which supports individuals and companies profiting and the problems we have seen in the global financial markets.

It allows local communities to create resilient alternatives which can withstand global financial insecurity and allow people to keep trading when traditional currency is short in supply.

To find out more information and how to join, visit the new website at:

For more information email:

Or contact the Transition Office:
7 Woodburn Lane, East Sands, St Andrews, KY16 8LA.
01334 464000.