Local Holidaying

So you’ve come to St Andrews to study, you spend term-time in the Bubble, and then when it comes to holidays you head straight home or to some foreign destination. Sound familiar?

Many students at St Andrews forget to explore the beauty, history and culture of Scotland itself. There are a lot of fantastic and diverse things to see, the travel is easy and can be cheap, there are no long waits at airports to contend with, and you speak the language. It’s one of those win-win situations – and we tend to lose.

Aviation is often the largest contributors to our individual carbon footprint (calculate your own travel footprint here), and is the fastest-growing source of emissions in the UK (see for example information from Greenpeace). Budget airlines make flying accessible to most students – but at a huge cost to the planet. There are other ways to travel to Europe (think coach or train) but why not also see what Scotland, and the rest of the UK, has to offer. Plus, if you travel by coach, train or bike you’ll see a lot more than clouds during the journey! Check out the Transport Links page to see all the transport options on offer to get you out of, or around, our wee town.

The rest of these pages are used to share suggestions and related links around local holiday and day trip options, as well as details on a series of Scottish cultural events which took place in St Andrews for the Christmas Break for those who chose to stick around St Andrews. If you were involved with the Scottish Christmas Experience and would like to feed your experiences back please get in touch!

We’d also love to hear of your experiences of Scottish or British holidays – please email rebecca.petford@st-andrews.ac.uk if you’ve a story or photo to share. There will be a prize for the best contibution each semester!

And if you take a local holiday rather than an overseas trip because of information received here, or have anything else we should add to the site, please do let us know!

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